Bedroom Design Ideas for Couples

Bedroom design ideas for couples, what do you think about it ? Decoration concept developed at this time make a lot of young couples are confused in choosing the right design for them. On the other hand they want to have a room which makes their relationship grew intimate. But, sometime they frighten if their partner does not feel comfortable with the atmosphere in the new room.

Many people want a romantic bedroom design. Perhaps it is based on the mistaken assumption which bring the romantic atmosphere in the bedroom is very complicated because it requires a lot of frills. The assumption is not true. Therefore, we share tips bedroom design ideas for couples who crave a romantic bedroom, warm, and comfortable. There are some parts of the interior that must be considered to create a romantic bedroom, three of which are: the theme color and lighting, and furniture of room.

Here are bedroom design ideas for couples, and then you may make consideration of it.

1. Romance
The most used style to decorate a new bedroom is a romantic couple. The first step to creating this design is to repaint the entire wall using warm colors manifold. You can thicken the romance in the bedroom with a play of texture and painting accessories. Meanwhile, the color most appropriate furniture for this room is a cherry red. Equally important, always use a thick blanket that feels soft. Finally, you can decorate the bedroom with the curtains.

Bedroom design ideas for couples is a contemporary design. In this concept, the type of bed contemporary platform designed to be the focal point of the room. No less others, try adding a glass cabinet was thin with a futuristic feel. This will bring a touch of trendy scent in your bedroom together.

New life to young couple is still fairly simple. Therefore, the concept of minimalism can be a mainstay of the right. There are four furniture, you need to make consideration in creating minimalist as bedroom design ideas for couples. First the clothes closet as well as arranging a place to put body makeup. Next is a mattress that is performed is without supplementary light sleeper. Next, plant the indoor flowers as a reflection of a new life of your family. And the last is a small table and sofa as you both enjoy a relaxing time.

4.Theme Color and Lighting
You can choose soft colors such as pink or feminine, indigo, and violet as a color theme to create a romantic feel in the bedroom. Psychologically, these colors can excite you. These colors can be applied on furniture, decorations, or wall of the room. If you decide to apply it to the entire room, play monochrome gradation to avoid the impression of flat. Neutral colors such as gray, black, and white are also very effectively used to offset the dominance of the romantic colors.

For lighting, you also need to be careful in choosing the type of light bulbs to produce the desired color. On the bedroom design ideas for couples, choose bulbs which produce dim lighting. So that the light is not too bright, you can make it by choosing lights which have a hood. If necessary, search filters light whose color matches the romantic theme to obtain a light intensity that is right for the room.

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