Bungalow House Plans With Basement and Garage

Do you have a dream to own bungalow? Bungalow is a house which is not too big, comfortable for family, relaxing porches and green leafs. A bungalow is a type of building. There bungalows with thatched roofs and a simple family home commonly called Bangla or Bangala. Thatched veranda surrounds the house, by the British colony is adapted into a more casual, airy and open to be used as shelters summer.

Bungalow is popular after the First World War. Bungalow in general the building is relatively small, especially from recent decades. Indeed, at the beginning of its emergence, the relatively larger size.

In Indonesia, the house like a bungalow can be found in coastal areas, but rarely are located in urban areas. The bungalows are low cost can be made for the purposes of our family tastes. In fact only 3 the definition of a house can be called a bungalow, such as a one-story, open, and there is a veranda. However, that does not mean we cannot be creative to develop the concept of the bungalow.

Comprising of three bedrooms with a large size with the master suite is on the back and the next sequential rooms are only separated by a bathroom. Middle of the room can be used as a guest room or office.

Extensive of bungalow house plan with basement and garage to park your favorite car, adjacent to the kitchen space, so if you have parked your car simply enter through the kitchen door to get into the main room of the house. To get into the main room through the front entrance through the foyer this connects with the bedroom. Spacious living room together with the dining room makes the opportunity to gather with the family to be more comfortable.

One more functional enough room in a building is a basement. Although the uses of this room are not found in homes in Indonesia, there is no harm if we peek following explanation of the basement.

The term usually refers to the basement of one or more floors which are partially or even entirely below the ground floor of your building. The buildings with shallow foundations usually do not have a basement. While those who have it, use this room as a place to store the heating system or air conditioning, garage, or a warehouse.

The term basement in the bungalow house plan with basement and garage is used to explain the basement which are in places like supermarkets or other tall buildings and rarely used to explain that there is a basement in the house. The basement in the house like this usually referred to as the cellar.

There are several structural designs for bungalow house plan with basement and garage, for example is walk-out basement. Walk-out basement is a basement as is usually owned by bungalow house plan with basement and garage to allow a portion of the basement space to be accessible from outside the home. Meanwhile, another part of this space can also be accessed from the floor of the house. This room is usually used as a garage, maintenance room, or even as a room occupied.

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