Simple House Plans with Walkout Basement

Simple house plans with walkout basement; the term usually refers to the application basement houses more than one floor under the ground floor of your building. Residential with shallow foundations usually do not have a basement. Its function is more often used as a shed, garage, or it could also be a place to store the heating and air conditioning systems.

Meanwhile, another part of the room can also be accessed from the floor of the house on it. This room is usually used as a garage, maintenance room, or even in a room occupied. By increasing number of people which are aware of the need for space in the house, simple house plans with walkout basement becomes a necessity right now.

With proper arrangement, the basement which is dark and damp areas can be convenient for you and your family activities. Limited land would often make you think to get around the existing space. The addition of space becomes the main solution, performed either upward or downward.

In Indonesia, the basement is still rarely applied. Because, for now, the trend is on the rise residential is a minimalist style. As we know that, the concept of small house identical with limited land. However, for you who have large land, you may use multifunctional space.

Walkout basement has many functions. However, does not mean we should build origin. Even the location is at the bottom, so the basement must have a strong foundation to support the floor grating on it. Therefore, note the position of the line is worth the basement.

The main thing to remember is when you are building a simple house plans with walkout basement is a condition which is in the ground, not to interfere with the water pipes or telephone lines or electricity. Not only has the utility building been to be reckoned with, but also areas bordering neighbors.

Build walkout basement not as easy as you think. Make walls there must be a calculation, such as using pile which sheet made of steel or concrete to be used as a delimiter. Not only that, the basement walls should also be able to support the weight of the soil and water pressure. On the basement walls should be designed strong and sturdy, considering its function as a load-bearing wall or retaining soil and water pressure.

On small house, the thickness of the concrete wall in walkout basement is made about15 to 17.5 cm; it depends on the depth of the basement. Meanwhile to anticipate the presence of seepage water, given the absolute wall waterproofing layer. Well, now how do you overcome the problems that often arise in the basement area? Humidity has always been a major problem that is often encountered in the basement, since this section is rarely exposed to sunlight.

Damp conditions certainly influence unhealthy and can damage the space and the objects in it. Simple house plans with walkout basement should be used because it will create multifungtional room in your simple house.

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